Candles are used to provide light in times of power failure and also to mask those weird smells that inevitably get into everyone’s home from time to time.

Normally, candles are sold in department stores with scents like Summer Breeze and Lilac Meadow.

Enter Hurry up and Wait candles. A veteran owned candle company making candles for people who don’t care about candles. With scents like Freedom, Bacon and Whiskey, how can you go wrong.

According to their website:

Situation: You want a candle. They look good, they make great gifts, they cover up that strange smell wafting through your AO. Unfortunately, you don’t jive well with candles named after unicorn princesses and dandelion spring breezes. What exactly does “Shooting Star” or “Garden Gnome Picnic” smell like anyway?

Mission: Acquire an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting scented candle that you won’t be ashamed to show off to your friends coming back from deployment.

Execution: 100% soy wax, cotton wicks, essential oils, vegan friendly candles (because you care about stuff), handmade by Veterans personally for you when you order them, and labelled with what you’ve come to know and love- Military themed, long-lasting, and rustic enough to impress any Grunt, Jarhead, Sailor, Coastie, and Airman who ventures upon them.

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