America is a land of plains, mountains, coasts, oceans, lakes, lush forests and arid deserts.

Ever since the first settlers arrived on this continent people have been surviving off the land.

This month’s featured company, Zombie Tinder, takes the simplicity of living off the land to another level in their product offerings. According to the company’s founder, Mike Raether, the outdoors and simple living have always been important to him:

I was born and raised in the great state of Washington, and I’ve enjoyed the Pacific Northwest’s great outdoors all my life.

Almost year-round, my dad took me fishing for trout and salmon just about everywhere they swam. During Washington’s big game season we’d sneak through river bottoms or up mountains in search of big black-tailed bucks. Sometimes we’d just go camping somewhere to get out from under the city lights.

For me, this is life to the full – living, playing, and relaxing in the Pacific Northwest. For all these things I’m thankful, but most of all I’m thankful to the God of Heaven for every second.

It’s with these ideas in mind that Mike crated Zombie Tinder:

Zombie Tinder is the name I gave to my emergency fire starter. When I couldn’t find an emergency fire starter on the market that met my needs, I invented it. I wanted a fire starter that was durable, could withstand abuse, was unaffected by water, burned long and hot enough to kindle even wet wood, was easily lit, and didn’t have obnoxious odors, fumes, or chemicals. Zombie Tinder is the result of many long hours of research and development to get it to where it is today.

Why that name? Well, it’s quite simple. To begin with, it’s ugly and looks kind of like a bloodshot eyeball. In addition, it’s hard to kill and just keeps going and going!

In addition to Zombie Tinder, we have many new handmade items in our line – and each and every fire starter, along with all of our products are made by hand, one at a time, with a keen eye to quality, by my immediate and extended family right here in the U.S.A. We’re family owned, managed and operated. In the beginning we made Zombie Tinder in my garage, but due to our growth we now make all our products in our shop in Arlington, Washington.

We’re proud to feature the Bushcrafter Fire kit as our main item in all levels of our June crates.

This great kit includes the following items:

  • Ferrostrike V-4, 3 in 1, “Super Socket” (Wearable)
  • Ferrostrike V-3, 2 in 1, Magnesium and ferrocerium (Wearable) This kit includes the break-away connector.
  • 2, ZT Dry Climate tinder “smash and strike to flame”
  • 1, bag of Jellied Ginned Cotton
  • 1, bag charred cotton
  • 1 English Blue Flint
  • 3 Ranger Bands or equivalent.
  • 6 feet of standard 550 cord (to be used for fire bow string)
  • 6 feet of jute twine (tinder)
  • 1, 8 oz rec. tin
  • Weight: 9 oz

Head on over to Zombie Tinder if you’re looking for more firestarting and outdoors supplies.